June 28th

The Hilton Hotel Cairns
Join us for an electrifying evening in the heart of Rome, where gladiator battles and festivities await.

At the center of the action is Felix Festus, a prominent lanista aiming to capture the public's attention—and secure a Senate seat—by showcasing his gladiators in an exhibition. While no lives will be lost in the arena, the pursuit of honor, pride, and the prestigious title of grand champion fuels the excitement.

However, the same cannot be said for the festivities beyond the arena's walls. A tragic incident unfolds, and one Roman will draw their final breath at the party. It falls upon you to uncover the truth amidst the intrigue. Was it the desperate gladiator fighting for freedom, a senator hesitant to relinquish power, a socialite resisting societal shifts, or a secretive slave driven to silence?

As you navigate this enthralling Roman murder mystery, you must distinguish between the oppressed and the deceptive—unless, of course, the murderer lies within your midst!